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Specialised Professional Services:


The Academy provides a multidisciplinary active research and analysis in collaboration with leading accredited institutions.
Our world-class research instrumentation offers an international, open access programme and services that bring about latest research in all related aspects of Forensics and Analysis to students and professionals, in application to Criminology, Psychology of Crime, Profiling, Critical Thinking, promote professionalism, veracity, capability, learning, foster research, progress practice, and new approaches in the forensics and intelligence.

Education and Training:

At International Academy of Forensics, we put together a formidable team of professional educators and trainers with tangible and real-world experience working in the field of Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence to provide continuing education, training, and structured seminars, certificate and advanced diploma programmes to promote competence and integrity in the practice of forensics and intelligence with an extensive industry background that gives them a keen sense for the needs of organisations that will one day hire their services.
The International Academy of Forensics training programme will significantly increase the understanding of investigative, scientific principles, and their applications in the field of Forensics and Intelligence so as to produce graduates with exceptional investigative knowledge, practical skills, understanding and integrity to effectively support the performance of the judicial system.